Suicide Squad probably committed suicide shooting itself in the foot. How else can one explain the apparent mediocrity of this film? IMHO, David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch) delivered a very mediocre film, to the point that the outcome brings tears to one’s eyes. Why? You have the most exciting material in your hands, such a buzz and everyone is super excited to watch this film. How can you mess this up?


You got Harley Quinn and Joker, you got the Enchantress – this villain has so much potential –, you got Deadshot (who I suppose from the time that he’s been given in this film is an important character in the DC universe) and yet you do what… You make Harley Quinn a bad joke (no pun intended), you give Joker a few scenes torturing your audience who obviously wants more (Jared Leto is mentioned second in the credits when his character hardly plays any role in the film!), and you make Deadshot such a lousy weepy loser (why did you have to reinforce my opinion about Will Smith? I wanted so badly to like this performance). Also what about casting a really good actress as the main villain of the film – someone who can own the part and give real substance to it? Cara Delevingne is a good looking girl with awesome body but a villain? Don’t think so!

joker-letoAnd what about the stylised cinematography your whole branding has promised us? The only real colour we see in this film comes from Harley Quinn and Joker (in the few scenes he is appearing). There was definitely some pop in the beginning and the music was good fun but in the second part of the film all was lost being replaced instead by black smoke and doomed darkness. Why so serious? Get over it David Ayer, you are no Christopher Nolan and this is no Batman. Colour please, and if you don’t want to give us colour then don’t promise so!

All the above are some of the external issues I spotted in this film. I think the biggest issue, which probably made this attempt doomed from the beginning, is its story. Producing a badass film with supervillains is an excellent idea but you should not forget that cinemagoers are not necessarily familiar with the DC comics universe so you need to provide a coherent story with characters the audience can relate to. Clearly the film failed to do this big time. Many people watched a film with unfamiliar caricatures, failing to fully grasp their motivation or their back stories, especially given the limited screen time of each character. Scriptwriters relied so heavily on pre-existing knowledge that left eventually so many holes uncovered. To their defence, they claimed that this was deliberate as they wanted to please comics fans but we cannot disregard that this is a film destined to appeal to mass audiences. As a result, viewers saw a film with an incoherent plot that hardly made sense and characters they could not relate with. And if this isn’t a failure, what is it then?

harley_quinnThe Characters: Margot Robbie is not a bad Harley Quinn, she does the best she can with the lousy lines she gets to say. Will Smith is Will Smith – didn’t expect much, didn’t get less. Let’s just say he is not the problem in this film and leave it there. Jared Leto – oh Jared Leto! – what happened here?? All the excitement, all the publicity about this role? For what, just for a few scenes? To be honest, the screen time was hardly enough to decide if his Joker was any good. He seemed to have definitely potential but we didn’t get the chance to find out. Such a pity given that most people went to watch Leto’s Joker, let’s be honest! The rest of the cast (Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney etc) were okay but nothing mind-blowing.

As for the special effects, I am really thankful I did not go to watch this on 3D. The effects in the final battle did not look convincing at all; they seemed almost low budget and made me giggle quite a few times. Did producers spend all their budget in casting Will Smith? Totally unnecessary, I think. They should have invested in their CGI production team. Or was it Jared Leto who cost them much? What about giving him more screen time then?!

All in all, the whole film seemed like a second-rate superhero film, one that would probably be
okay two decades ago and maybe would have surpassed in inception other mediocre efforts but in 2016 after watching some amazing films words-to-countfrom Marvel (just to clarify no one is paying me to say my opinion) or Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, we cannot disregard the high standards we are accustomed to. And if I am so harsh it is because I expected so much more from this film and it has hardly delivered. Especially, when one attempts to deal with Joker… you cannot ruin JOKER and not being told off, sorry!

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